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hello and welcome! i'm thrilled to have the opportunity to tell you a bit more about my beloved bum book and where it came from.

the concept itself isn't new. like many new moms i know, i began jotting down every little detail about my newborn daughter (and, 3 years later, my newborn son) right there in the hospital, in a boring old notebook. i carried on with this at home and even after I went back to work, not wanting to forget anything. dirty diapers, nap times, feedings, first smiles - for both practical and sentimental reasons, i wanted to record all of it.

being a project manager and dedicated list-maker, i saw an opportunity to create a keepsake-quality book that would help moms and/or caregivers to easily and neatly record the details of baby's day. i formatted it so you can begin to see helpful patterns emerge and start to feel a bit more in control. i even added a space for those special moments and milestones you want to remember but don't have hours to write about (i don't know about you, but those enormous baby books full of empty lines stress me out! who has the time?).

i hope you find my bum book to be a helpful friend when your bum's brand new...and a special treasury of little moments when your bum's all grown up.

with love,


bumble kids

my bum book is GREEN in more ways than color!
bumble products use FSC certified papers supporting responsible use of forest resources.
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