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my bum book, daily journal for baby

daily journal for baby


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designed by a real live mom, my bum book is a modern GREEN 2-month 24/7 journal and keepsake with debossed cover you can use to track your bum's daily feeds, diapers, wake time, sleep time and more.

with my bum book, you'll be able to clearly see when you last fed your bum, how many diapers your bum went through, how long and when your bum slept, as well as record those all-important (but easy to forget) firsts. the simple layout enables you to quickly see trends and patterns, allowing you to plan your day, get you and your bum on a schedule, and answer your pediatrician's detailed questions.

most importantly: with my bum book, you don't have to remember . . . except of course, where you last left it.


weight: 9 oz

height: 7x7

length: 2-months

color: kiwi

cover: debossed paper-back

binding: spiral

features: in addition to 2-months worth of daily tracking pages, each book includes pages to record important phone numbers, immunizations, growth and notes.

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my bum book is GREEN in more ways than color!
bumble products use FSC certified papers supporting responsible use of forest resources.
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